HONOR Has Big Plans To Rebuild Its Global Market Share

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HONOR wants to rebuild its global market share, and has a plan in motion to do just that. As many of you know, the company started as a Huawei subsidiary, but it’s not a separate entity. It is owned by a Shenzhen-based consortium at the moment.

Huawei kind of had to sell HONOR in order to push the company to new heights. The trade ban that the US imposed hurt HONOR, and its global market share, mainly due to the fact the company didn’t have access to Google services.

That has all changed a while back, and HONOR’s devices now come with a proper Google suite. The company has been growing ever since, and it is looking to get back its market share.


HONOR is looking to rebuild its global market share, and has big plans for that

Tony Ran, the President of HONOR Europe, got interviewed by Android Central, to share some of the company’s plans. That being said, HONOR grew in China immensely, but it had a more modest growth pattern in Europe.

The company has been focused on mid-range phones in Europe, for the most part. That could be the reason why. Well, that will change soon. HONOR recently announced that it will implement its dual-flagship release cycle in Europe as well.

What does that mean? Well, we’ll get both the company’s regular flagship, and its foldable flagship. The HONOR Magic V is a truly interesting smartphone, that is also a foldable at the same time. It launched in China only, unfortunately, but its successor is coming to global markets.


Ran also said that HONOR is working with more and more telecom partners and retailers to make its devices readily available for consumers. That mostly goes for Western Europe, as it’s trying to expand its reach there.

Expansion to North America will be considered in the future

He said that HONOR is focusing on the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain at the moment, as it’s looking to rebuild its market share. Ran did emphasize that HONOR is still not ready to enter North American markets. He did say that North America will be considered in the future, though.

The company is also putting great focus on software. It is constantly improving its Magic UI Android skin, and he is hyping us all up for the upcoming MagicOS 7.0 release. He says that it will have “major design changes” across the interface. The cross-device collaboration will also be improved, and the same goes for performance.


So, there you have it. We’ll be seeing more HONOR devices in Europe, and even the company’s flagship foldables.