Google Will Unveil The Rest Of The Pixel 7 On October 6

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Google has just announced that its next Made by Google event, will take place on October 6. That’s where they will officially announce the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, among a few other things. The event is being held in Brooklyn this year, and will start at 10AM. We expect that it will last around 45 minutes, before the press is able to go hands on with the new products.

You might be thinking that Google already announced the Pixel 7 series, well they kind of have. They have already released pictures of the device, and have also given us some information on the cameras. But the rest of the phone hasn’t really been confirmed by Google just yet.

At this event, we may also see a few other products from Google. There’s been talk of a new Chromecast coming out this fall, and in the past, Google has released a few other products too. We likely won’t be seeing any new earbuds, since the Pixel Buds Pro just came out a little over a month ago.


Likely the last smartphone launch of the year

Typically, the Pixel launch is the last smartphone launch of the year, and typically the last to come out with the current Qualcomm flagship chipset. But since Google is no longer using their chipsets for the Pixel, that’s only half true. Most other phones have been announced for the year, or will be announced in September.

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will sport the new Tensor chipset, which is based off of Exynos. It will also have an updated camera bar compared to the Pixel 6. As well as some new colors. It’s seemingly going to be an iterative but still large update to the line. Seeing as we got the big full redesign last year.

Either way, October 6 will be like Christmas for us Android users.


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