Google's Finally Replacing Reminders With Tasks

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One of the main things that Google fans have been complaining about is the existence of both Google Assistant Reminder and Google Tasks. There’s no reason for both to exist because they both serve the same purpose. However, Google has heard, and it’s working on replacing Reminders with Tasks, according to 9To5Google.

One of the main reasons why people are bellyaching is that Google Reminders are accessible through the Assistant, there’s not really an intuitive interface to use.

On the other hand, Google Tasks has a more usable interface that you can access through the dedicated mobile app or through the Workspace side panel. However, you can’t use the Assistant to create tasks. So, when it comes to choosing between Reminders and Tasks, you’ll need to pick your poison.


But, Google is replacing Reminders with Tasks

This will no longer be the case, as Google is going to update Tasks. When you get the update, you’ll be able to use Google Assistant to create tasks. What’s more, is that you’ll still be able to use the “Remind me to” prompt when talking to the assistant.

You’ll still be able to set a time and date for tasks with your voice as well. This includes setting recurring tasks like “Remind me to water the plants every week.”

Since this is happening, Google will be retiring Reminder, so you won’t see them in the Google app after November 1st. All of your reminders will go to the Google Tasks app.


Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly when this feature is going to make it to users. Google said that the update will come to the Google Tasks app over the next couple of months. We can take the fact that Reminders are going away on November 1st as a hint, however. The best thing to do is keep an eye on your Google Tasks app and check for updates every once in a while.