Google Play Store Introduces Data Breach Alerts For Compromised Accounts

Google Play Store Icon Logo AH 2020

Google has recently released a new update for the Play Store that adds an alerts feature for compromised accounts. The feature informs users if their password and account are at risk and suggests they should update the password.

A few days ago, Google rolled out the Play system updates for Android devices. The update brought some new features for Wear OS users and improved Google Kids Space functionality. However, Google Play Services (v36.22) has a new security feature that helps users keep their accounts and data safe.

Google now tells you if your password is compromised

Thanks to this new feature, if any of your passwords are hit by a data breach, your device sends you a notification and suggests you change it when using the password autofill option. Since data breaches happen more often these days, it’s vital to keep the security credentials updated all the time.


The Play Services update also brings some enhancements to the Wallet app. Users can now see visual cues on their phones when they lock, unlock, or start a car with a digital car key. Additionally, commuters can also see the open-loop transit agencies when buying transit passes.

The update has some new features for Google and third-party app developers. Developers can now support Account Management, Security & Privacy related developer services in their apps. Moreover, by expanding results, Google allows you to access more details about the Play’s Top Picks.

Finally, the Android 13 consumer education experience is the latest thing that has come to Android devices after the update. However, we still don’t know what that means and what it is used for.


If you want to get the new features introduced here, you need to update your Google Play Store to the latest version. You don’t need to do anything manually, though, so don’t worry about that.