Pixel September 2022 Update Is Here With Battery Drain Fix

Google Pixel 6 cases AM AH

Google has started pushing out the September 2022 Android update to its Pixel smartphones. Every Pixel smartphone from the Pixel 4 and up is getting the update, except the Pixel 6a.

Pixel September 2022 update is now rolling out with battery fixes & more

Why is that? Well, Google decided to postpone the update for that phone, as it needs to take care of some additional problems. Namely with the fingerprint scanner performance, so that will require more time to do.

It is worth noting that, in addition to security-related updates, Google also addressed the battery drain in this update. In addition to that, biometrics, Bluetooth, and user interface have also been addressed with improvements. Do note that the biometrics-related fixes are exclusive to the Pixel 6a, though, even though the phone is not yet getting the update.


Google did list all those changes. Let’s start with the battery issues, shall we. Google says that it issued a fix for an issue that occasionally caused increased battery drain from certain background activities. In addition to that, it also issued a fix for a problem that prevented wireless charging mode to activate in certain conditions.

The biometrics changes are exclusive to the Pixel 6a

In regards to biometrics, additional improvements for fingerprint recognition have been included. That includes response time as well. A fix for an issue that prevented Bluetooth connection for some Bluetooth accessories has also been issued. Do note that this happened only under certain conditions, though.

The last entry has to do with the user interface. Notifications appeared truncated on the lock screen at times, well, that shouldn’t happen anymore following this update.


That being said, we’re only a month away from Google’s next-gen products. The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will launch on October 6, alongside the Pixel Watch. That is something Google confirmed quite recently. The company’s first foldable won’t arrive during that event, though.