Pixel 6a Is Now Getting September 2022 Update As Well

Pixel 6a Photo 13

A couple of days ago, Google started rolling out the September 2022 security update to its Pixel devices. One device that was supposed to get it, but was omitted, was the Pixel 6a. Google needed more time for it, but it didn’t take long for it to arrive. The September 2022 Android update is now rolling out to the Pixel 6a as well.

September 2022 Android update is rolling out to the Pixel 6a

The phone is now getting this update across the globe. This update will bump up the build number to TP1A.220905.004.A2, in case you were wondering. This is not only a security update, though.

It does bring security patches, but it also fixes the abnormal battery drain that some units have been experiencing. Some launcher activities in the background have been causing this, but Google seems to have fixed it.


On top of that, Google also addressed the issue that caused notifications to appear truncated on the lock screen. Those of you who have been having issues with the fingerprint scanner… well, those should be alleviated now as well.

This update is also supposed to improve the fingerprint scanner

If Google simply imported the fingerprint scanner fixes from the Android 13 QPR1, that will do the trick. That build really did improve the fingerprint scanner, so let’s hope that the same set of features are available in the September 2022 update.

As is usually the case, this update is rolling out OTA (Over-The-Air), in stages. You may get it today, but it may also take up to a week or two, it all depends. The phone will let you know once the update is available, but you can also check manually via the Settings.


Google did not wait long to push out this update to the Pixel 6a, but still, it did not arrive at the same time as on other Pixel phones. Let’s hope that won’t happen from this point on. It’s also not the first time it happened, we’ve already seen it with the Tensor-powered Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.