Google Will Dely Publishing Your Play Store Reviews

Google Play new logo

Google is looking to combat suspicious reviews on the Play Store by implementing a delay. This means that when you write a review, it won’t be published right away. Instead, it could be held for as long as 24 hours.

A major issue on either app store is the torrent of fake reviews for any app. People will sometimes review bomb an app with false or suspicious reviews. They could be used to defame the app or spam it.

This is the reason the Play Store will delay reviews

This news comes from Mishaal Rahman. He posted a tweet showing an update to the Google Play Store. When a person posts a review, the app developer will be able to see it and reply to it, but it won’t be made public.  This will give the app developers a chance to see what reviews are being posted before they become public.


This extra bit of time after submitting a review might be able to curb the onslaught of false reviews posted to the platform. If an app developer sees a ton of duplicate, false, overly negative, or suspicious reviews, they can report them before they even hit the Play Store.

Right now, it remains to be seen if this will actually help the situation. There are a lot of bad actors on the internet, and they often find ways to get around systems like these.

In Other Google News: Google Photos Memories Are Getting An Update

Google Photos have had the Memories feature for about three years now, and it just delivered a major update. Your Memories will now show highlights from your videos. Those highlights will be selected automatically.


For your still photos, they will have a subtle zoom effect added for a bit of flair. Along with that, Google will add instrumental music to your photos to add to the whole mood.

Google Photos will add a 3D effect to the photos to make the subject and background move independently. There will also be a collage tool where you can make collages in the app. Google is rolling out the update today.