Galaxy S23 Ultra 200MP Camera Specs '100% Confirmed'

Samsung 200MP smartphone camera Galaxy S23

Rumors have been circulating for a while that Samsung will equip its upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra flagship with a 200MP primary rear camera. The Korean media says the company has already confirmed this to partners in its camera supply chain. Noted industry insider Ice Universe has also been claiming this for some time now. The same source has now shared more details on the sensor Samsung will use, including some key specs.

According to Ice Universe, the 200MP camera on the Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a footprint of 1/1.3 inches. It will feature 200 million 0.6μm pixels and will boast an F1.7 aperture, the source claims with “100%” confirmation. That’s about the same size as the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 108MP primary rear camera. However, the latter has bigger pixels (0.8µm) and a narrower aperture (F1.8). Samsung is offering a wider aperture on the galaxy S22 Ultra so the camera can take in more light. The 0.6μm pixels are too small to capture enough light in dimmer environments.

Samsung has already launched two 200MP camera sensors

Samsung launched its first 200MP smartphone camera, the ISOCELL HP1, in September last year. It debuted on the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra a few days back. The company also launched the ISOCELL HP3 200MP sensor earlier this year. The latter has yet to arrive on the market.


However, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will use neither. The 200MP sensor that Samsung will fit inside this phone is still in development. It slots in between the other two in terms of overall footprint and pixel size — the ISOCELL HP1 has 0.64μm pixels and is 1/1.22-inch big, whereas, the ISOCELL HP3 has 0.56μm and is a little smaller at 1/1.4 inches.

But apart from that, we are expecting the upcoming 200MP camera, which could be called the ISOCELL HP2 for obvious reasons, should offer better picture and video quality thanks to more optimized hardware-software integration from Samsung. We may also see improved autofocus. Some core specs such as 2×2 and 4×4 pixel binning and 8K video recording at 30fps (frames per second) may remain unchanged, though.

The Galaxy S23 series is expected to arrive in early 2023. Leaks and rumors suggest Samsung will not change the design and the rear camera layout over the Galaxy S22 series. Perhaps apart from the primary camera, the rest of the camera setup may also remain unchanged. The processor, software, and fingerprint scanner will get upgrades, though. We will keep you posted with all the latest news about the next-gen Samsung flagships.