Galaxy S23 Could Be A Downgrade Over Galaxy S22 In One Area

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus AM AH 06

Samsung‘s Galaxy S23 series may still be a few months away but leaks are already coming in. One source has been particularly revealing information about the shape, size, and design of the upcoming flagships. That’s Ice Universe. And the latest piece of information shared by them suggests the Galaxy S23 series will be a downgrade over the Galaxy S22 in terms of design.

Ice Universe has been long claiming that Samsung’s next-gen flagships will look too identical to current models. They will retain the same body shape and design language, including the rear camera array and edges. The source last week shared the exact dimensions for all three Galaxy S23 models and it suggests nothing changes on the outside. Well, the new phones are marginally taller and wider but we are talking about just a few tenths of a millimeter.

What precisely is a downgrade then, you might argue. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S23 phones are taller and wider because Samsung has increased the bezel size. Yes, when everyone is pushing towards bezel-less designs, the world’s No. 1 smartphone company is making the bezel thicker on its flagship models. On the vanilla Galaxy S23, the increase is by 0.15mm on all four sides. It’s noticeable if you hold the two devices side-by-side. Based on the dimensions leaked last week, the Galaxy S23+ may see an even bigger increase of 0.20mm all around. The Galaxy S23 Ultra, meanwhile, may keep things mostly unchanged.


As the source suggests, this may have something to do with cost management. But it’s unlikely that this cost-saving will reach consumers. Samsung may just be looking to increase its profit margins as the Android flagship market is seeing more aggressive price competition. Hopefully, the Galaxy S23 series will have enough upgrades on the inside.

Galaxy S23 design bezel downgrade

200MP camera will be the highlight of the Galaxy S23 Ultra

With no change in shape and size, it’s not surprising that the Galaxy S23 series will feature the same display as the Galaxy S22 and will pack batteries of identical capacity. But there will be upgrades in the camera, processor, and software departments. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is all but officially confirmed to arrive as Samsung’s first smartphone with a 200MP primary rear camera. The company is developing a new 200MP sensor for the phone.


Samsung is also rumored to ditch its in-house Exynos processors and ship the Galaxy S23 series with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset globally. This will be a welcome change considering the consistent poor show of Exynos solutions. We are also expecting the company to include the newly-announced UFS 4.0 storage solution and a bigger under-display fingerprint scanner. Stay tuned for more information about the Galaxy S23 lineup as leaks will keep growing as the development progresses.