More People Will Be able To Edit Tweets On Sept. 21st

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Twitter is finally giving its users the ability to edit their tweets even though it has restrictions. Right now, the company is testing this functionality on its Twitter Blue subscribers with a public launch scheduled in the near future. Now, according to Casey Newton, Twitter could be launching the Edit Tweet button to more users on September 21st.

Since last year, Twitter has been working on an edit button, but we only got news about it early this year. The company was resistant to doing so because it has a policy against editing what you say on the internet. Regardless, people are testing out this feature currently.

More users could get the edit tweet button on September 21st

Right now, Twitter is testing this feature on a select group of people. We’re not sure how broad the testing audience is, but we know that it’s pretty exclusive. However, according to a tweet by Casey Newton, the company could be expanding its testing audience on September 21st.


The tweet says that Twitter is going to be rolling this feature out to the public- but don’t get your hopes up. By public, According to XDA Developers, he means that the test is expanding to more Twitter Blue users. This means that there’s still the $4.99 entry free to edit your tweets. If you’re interested in getting this service, you can learn everything you need to know here.

As for when it feature will hit free users, that’s still a mystery. Twitter hasn’t given us an approximate timeframe just yet.

How this feature will work

After you post your tweet, there are a few restrictions that you’ll need to take into account when editing. Firstly, you’ll only have 30 minutes to edit your tweet. You’ll see a counter on your tweet after you post it.


Also, you’ll only be able to edit your tweet up to five times before you’re cut off. That should be more than enough to exit the run-of-the-mill typos.

Also, when you edit a tweet, the original version of it will still be accessible to the public, so people can still see what you wrote. So, there are some rules that you’ll need to follow when the feature makes it to the public. However, it’s better than not being able to edit tweets at all.