Go A More Eco-Friendly Route With New Google Search Travel Options

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Google Search is getting some significant updates today, allowing users to make more eco-friendly travel plans via trains, airplanes, and hotels. That’s based on recent reports detailing the changes.

Now, the latter change for hotels is rolling out now but not quite fully fleshed out just yet. That’s down to Google working with the US Green Building Council and Global Sustainable Tourism Council to “begin importing” databases associated with eco-certified hotels. So the databases may not be fully available for any individual user.

However, starting today, users who search Google’s page for travel will find an “Eco-certified” filter in the mix. That’s used to filter and show only properties that have been eco-certified by those groups.


How is Google Search improving for eco-friendly travel elsewhere?

Google is also rolling out more eco-friendly options for planes and trains in its travel-related Search tools. For instance, users will be able to filter results in the Flights tab for emissions. Specifically, with “Any” or “Low emissions only” options. The results will either show all flights or only flights with comparatively low emissions, respectively.

For trains, Google is now allowing users to purchase those tickets in Search. For instance, allowing users to select a departure time and date and then buy those tickets they want directly through partner sites via an on-page link.

Better still, users will be able to search for those tickets with lower prices. And tickets will be shown with complete details such as the agency, times, duration, and whether it’s a direct route or not. Just as with the current setup for plane ticket purchases, as shown in the sample images provided by the source and included below.


The ability to buy train tickets on Search will be expanded in the future. And the company plans to add the ability to buy bus tickets too, for intercity trips. For now, only users in “select countries” can access the train ticket feature. Among those are Germany, Spain, Italy, and Japan.

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