Go A More Eco-Friendly Route With Google Maps, Now In Europe

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Google Maps is getting an update this week in Europe that will allow users to choose the more eco-friendly route, rather than just the fastest. That’s based on recent reports highlighting the new feature, which Google says will appear in more than 40 countries.

Google did not, however, mention exactly which countries the rollout will be effective in. Presumably, it isn’t including Germany in the list, which was included alongside Canada in a previous update. So, with 44 countries officially making up Europe, all but 3 countries should now have access to the feature.

What does the Google Maps eco-friendly route feature bring to Europe?

Now, there aren’t any new features or additions coming to the previously-launched eco-friendly route feature in Google Maps either, with its launch in more regions of Europe. So it’s going to work exactly as it has in other areas.


That should help cement Maps as one of the best navigation apps available.

Summarily, now Google will start by showing the most fuel-efficient route users can take to their destinations. Typically, that’s going to mean routes with a more constant rate of travel. With fewer stops — and less traffic, when possible available. But it will also generally include routes that don’t have quite as many or as severe elevation changes. And there are undoubtedly other factors taken into account as well.

Those routes will be chosen by default. So users don’t need to turn anything on or off to access the feature. And, moreover, Google labels the routes with an easy-to-read leaf-shaped icon to indicate that it’s the most eco-friendly route.


For those who want to turn off the mode, that’s also possible in the Settings menu for the Google Maps app. Or, conversely, users can simply select a different route from the highlighted roads while navigating. The eco-friendly route is not always the fastest, so users will definitely want to pay attention to the expected arrival times shown in the app.