Google Cancels Tensor-Powered Pixel Book

Google Pixel Event Logo 2017 AH 4 AH 2019

Google made a very important announcement earlier this year. It introduced us to its Pixel ecosystem, and we all imagined that a new Pixelbook would be part of it. Sadly, that’s not the case, according to The Verge. Google canceled its new Pixelbook.

This might be a slap to the face of all the people who attended/watched Google I/O back in May. The company said that it’s working on an integrated ecosystem of its phone, earbuds, and its upcoming tablet. Though the company didn’t state anything about a new Pixel computer, it just made sense. Other than Apple, Google is the only company with the power to make an integrated ecosystem consisting of its own mobile and computer software.

Sure, Samsung has its own developed ecosystem, but it relies on both Google and Microsoft. Huawei has HarmonyOS… but we don’t talk about that.


So, a Tensor-powered Pixelbook was rumored

A while after Google I/O, we started getting rumors that Google was actually working on a new Pixelbook. Not only was it going to be made in-house, but it was also going to use the in-house Tensor chip. That would have been huge for the company, as Apple is the only company to put an ARM-powered chip in a full computer (well, the only company to do so without it being a mess).

But, Google canceled this new Pixelbook

If you were getting excited about that device, you’re going to be disappointed, as Google canceled its rumored Tensor-powered Pixelbook. The computer was expected to be revealed sometime in 2023 (maybe during Google I/O 2023), but it looks like that’s not going to happen.

The main reason for this seems to be cost-cutting. That makes sense, as several companies in the tech industry are cutting costs by cutting projects and jobs. Companies like T-Mobile, Verizon, Niantic, Twitter, and Netflix have had to lay off a bunch of their staff this year alone.


Google has been slowing down hiring and stopping the production of certain low-priority projects. It’s possible that the Pixelbook team was relocated to other parts of the company. While this isn’t great news, we still have a Pixel tablet to look forward to as well as a possible Pixel foldable.