Best Of IFA 2022: Ring Intercom

ring intercom best of ifa 2022

The Ring Intercom makes it super easy to upgrade your ancient apartment intercom

Ring came to IFA with a product that none of us really saw coming. The Ring Intercom is a plug-and-play product that works with existing apartment intercoms, allowing apartment dwellers to enjoy the same smart home benefits as those that own and live in houses.

The Ring Intercom is a WiFi-connected, DIY addition that works with some audio intercoms. Making it super easy for apartment dwellers and landlords to add it to their apartment buildings. It’ll also help raise the living quality at said apartment, allowing landlords to charge more.

This isn’t Ring’s first foray into apartment living, but this will likely be a lot more useful than the Ring Peephole Cam, and hopefully be around longer. The design of the Ring Intercom is definitely a lot nicer and more modern than most buzzer systems that apartments currently have. And should blend in a bit better in your apartment compared to what we currently have.


Ring Intercom 1

Ring basically took its doorbell and made it available for apartments

While it’s not quite the same, Ring has essentially taken its popular doorbell and made it available for apartment dwellers. Consumers will be able to do things like, remote unlock the door to the building for Amazon, UPS, FedEx and even food delivery to enter and drop off packages or food. Making sure it is safely inside the building, and not sitting outside in the weather.

Of course, with Ring being owned by Amazon, the big reason why this feature exists is so that Amazon packages can be delivered inside the building. And keep those packages from getting stolen as often. This is an opt-in feature, so it won’t be enabled by default.


Ring has also included a Shared User feature, where you can give others access to the front door and they can unlock it themselves, instead of waiting for you to buzz them in. Or needing to go out and make a duplicate key for others in your home. Since a lot of apartments do only give you one or two copies of the key.

Auto-Verified Guests is another feature here that works pretty well. Essentially this feature is able to allow customers to allocate virtual keys to different people. So they aren’t waiting outside.

We think that this is going to be a game changer for those that are renting and living in apartments. As it’s going to make their building a bit smarter, and the ability to have packages delivered inside the building is a big deal. That is why we have awarded the Ring Intercom a Best Of IFA 2022 award this year.