Best Of IFA 2022: HONOR 70

AH HONOR 70 IFA 2022 award

The HONOR 70 stuffs flagship features in a mid-range package.

HONOR had plenty to say at IFA 2022. The company makes an appearance pretty much every year, and shares some of its new devices. This year is no different, as HONOR announced three new devices, and amongst them, there’s one phone. The device in question is the HONOR 70, and we’ve decided to give it one of our IFA 2022 awards. Other than that, the company also announced the HONOR MagicBook 14 (2022) laptop, and the HONOR Pad 8 tablet.

The HONOR 70 may just be a mid-range smartphone, but it’s quite an appealing device at that. Its specifications are nothing to scoff at, while the phone also looks very nice, and has a different in-hand feel than you may think. It is worth noting that HONOR’s phones also come with Google services, after a brief hiatus a while back. That being said, let’s see what this phone has to offer, and why we opted to award it.


It looks familiar, but feels different, in a good way

The HONOR 70 may just look like another glass sandwich smartphone, but the in-hand feel is different. HONOR designed the device in such a way that you can feel its frame. That may not sound good, but it makes the device easier to hold, believe it or not. It doesn’t end up being as slippery as most phones out there, and this is the same approach HONOR had with the HONOR 50 smartphone.

Its bezels are quite thin, while it has a centered display camera hole. Speaking of which, the display is curved. Despite the fact this is a mid-range smartphone, you are getting a 120Hz OLED display here. The performance shouldn’t be an issue either, as the Snapdragon 778G+ is a compelling mid-range chip. It can even handle games really well, as it has proven a number of times thus far. HONOR also has some software tweaks to boost the phone’s performance.

Camera improvements & fast charging

The HONOR 70 may look very similar to its predecessors, but there are a number of improvements on the inside. One of the most notable ones relates to the phone’s camera performance. In terms of the camera, a new 54-megapixel main camera is used here. HONOR opted for a large Sony IMX800 sensor here. Various camera modes are included, as is the HONOR Image Engine. The same goes for Dual Electronic Image Stabilization.


You’ll also be able to charge this phone really fast thanks to 66W fast wired charging. The device does have a 4,800mAh battery, which is plenty enough considering its other specs. Chances are you won’t need to charge it in the middle of the day, and the included fast charger can quickly top it off. HONOR says you can reach a 60-percent charge in only 20 minutes.