Another Source Confirms 200MP Camera For Galaxy S23 Ultra

Galaxy S23 Ultra CAD render 6

More evidence has emerged supporting a 200MP primary rear camera on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Dutch publication GalaxyClub, which has often been accurate with Samsung leaks, is the latest source. The publication can “confirm” that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will feature the world’s highest resolution smartphone camera.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we are hearing this news. Rumors of a 200MP camera on the upcoming Samsung flagship have been going around on the internet for a long time now. The latest information is further confirmation of that. The Korean media previously reported that Samsung has already told its camera suppliers about the plan. Since the development of the Galaxy S23 Ultra has already begun, the company is required to place component orders for the new image sensor. Hence, it shared some necessary details with the suppliers, including that the phone will feature a 200MP camera.

Leaks have also revealed some details about the exact 200MP image sensor Samsung plans to use on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The company has already launched two of those monstrous cameras — the ISOCELL HP1 in September last year and the ISOCELL HP3 earlier this year. The former debuted on the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra a few weeks back, while the latter has yet to make its way into phones. However, the Korean behemoth will use neither on its upcoming flagship. Instead, it has a third 200MP camera in development. The new sensor is reportedly identified as ISOCELL HP2.


Samsung’s new 200MP sensor is rumored to measure 1/1.3 inches, more or less the same as the 108MP camera on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. However, it will have smaller 0.6μm pixels and a wider F1.7 aperture. Unfortunately, no other detail about it is known at the moment. It should offer 8K video recording, pixel binning, improved autofocus, and improved photo and video quality. Of course, the latter will depend a lot on camera software and algorithms than just raw hardware power. Hopefully, Samsung is at it already.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra may not upgrade other camera sensors

While a 200MP primary camera is pretty much confirmed, other image sensors on the Galaxy S23 Ultra may not get an upgrade from the current Ultra. Well, at least not in terms of resolution. Rumors are pointing at the same two 10MP telephoto cameras with 3X and 10X optical zoom. The 12MP ultrawide lens and the 40MP selfie camera may also carry over unchanged. Samsung could still improve the image quality with other changes to the sensor, or perhaps software. We expect to see more Galaxy S23 leaks in the coming weeks and months.