Devices Launching With Android 13 May Be Required To Offer 'Seamless Updates'

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According to a new piece of information, devices launching with Android 13 may be required to offer ‘Seamless Updates’. Well, all devices that come with Google Mobile Services (GMS), that is, which are the vast majority of them. This information comes from Mishaal Rahman.

All devices launching with Android 13 may be required to utilize ‘Seamless Updates’

As a reminder, this feature has been around since 2016, it arrived with the original Google Pixel phone. Google changed things around since then, but it’s still around.

Google implemented this feature in the system partition where the firmware is installed. It uses A and B partitions to make it possible for the phone to install updates in the background. So, users are only required to restart the phone when everything is done, and that’s it.


Not only is this less annoying for users, but it also serves as a backup of sorts. Even if an update fails, your phone can revert to the previous update.

Google is not the only one using this feature, though, not at all. Many other Android OEMs adopted the feature since 2016. Utilizing this feature was not mandatory until now, but it seems like things are changing.

Samsung still doesn’t offer this feature

What is interesting, though, is that Samsung still didn’t adopt this feature. As most of you know, Samsung is not only the largest Android smartphone maker in the world, but the number 1 smartphone OEM in general. So… it’s about time it starts utilizing this feature.


Google won’t exactly give Samsung an option, it would seem. Do note that this has not been confirmed directly from Google, not yet. Mishaal Rahman did find plenty of proof it will happen, as he explained in a write-up for Esper.

If you’d like to know more about the feature in general, that article does go into great detail. Though, all you really need to know is that it’s a convenient feature that allows you to use your phone normally right up until you need to restart it after the update finishes installing. It’s a really seamless experience, hence the name ‘Seamless Updates’.