Amazon's Kindle Scribe Lets You Take Notes On Its 10-Inch Display

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Amazon this morning just announced its latest Kindle, officially called the Kindle Scribe. It’s the first Kindle designed for both reading and writing, and comes with a 10.2-inch, 300-ppi Paperwhite display that lets you annotate notes on whatever you’re reading. You can also use the Kindle Scribe for a number of other things besides taking notes. Like “signing invoices, and staying on top of urgent tasks.”

You can use the device for journal entries, to-do lists, reviewing imported documents, you name it.

Anything you can imagine needing to write down can be done with the included battery-free pen. This particular detail is one that Amazon is focusing on quite heavily. A pen that you never need to charge, the company says. Meaning you’ll have one less device to worry about with regards to battery life. The pen also attaches magnetically to prevent losing it, and Amazon even offers a premium option that comes with a dedicated eraser and a shortcut button.


Speaking of battery life, Amazon claims the Scribe can last for literal months. So you can really put charging it out of your mind, almost entirely.

Amazon says writing on the Kindle Scribe feels like writing on paper

Kindle Scribe 1920x1080 301 Large

Amazon is exceedingly confident that the experience of using the Scribe is one that most people will be familiar with. Because it states that reading and writing on the Scribe is like reading and writing on actual paper. So if you like the feel of putting pen to paper to jot things down, then you may just love the Kindle Scribe.


The display on the Scribe is also glare-free for easy use outside and under bright lights, and the whole thing is 5.8mm thin so it should fit in just about any pocket where you could store a 10-inch tablet device or standard paper notebook. Amazon will offer its latest Kindle in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB storage options, with the 16GB model starting at $339. And if you decide to upgrade to the premium pen that adds another $30 to the price.

Pre-orders are open today with the device shipping on November 30.

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