Alexa Will Answer Questions You Have About Your Products

Amazon Alexa AM AH

Amazon’s Alexa is useful for getting all sorts of information, but the company believes that it can offer even more useful information. Thanks to a new announcement from the company, that’s going to happen. Alexa will answer questions that customers have about certain products.

If you’re shopping around for a product, and you have a specific question about it, you’ll be able to ask Alexa for answers. The company calls this feature Customers ask Alexa.

Customers ask Alexa will provide useful answers about products

Amazon announced this during its annual seller conference, Accelerate (via an Amazon blog post). The company will provide brands with tools to help answer questions that people will have about their products. So, the answers themselves will come from the brands. This means that Alexa is not using AI trickery to come up with answers.


Based on the company’s description, if you’re shopping around on Amazon.com, you’ll be able to ask Alexa a question like “How do I get pet hair out of my carpet?” From that point, Alexa will provide you with an answer from a brand. The answer will also provide a link to that company’s storefront.

We’ll need to wait for this feature to officially launch for more information on it, as it’s still in the early stages. The company is gearing up to start testing it out on a limited number of stores. Amazon will make the feature available to some stores starting in October. This will be on an invite-only basis, so if you have a storefront, chances are that you won’t get the invite. However, Amazon will make this feature available to all storefronts sometime in 2023.

Customers ask Alexa seems like a really good idea because it provides an intuitive way of searching for products on the platform. Instead of going through keywords or company names, all you have to do is ask a question. From that point, Alexa will provide you with a brand or brands with products to help you out.