Twitter Brings Themed Stations & Daily Digests To Spaces

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Twitter is reportedly working on two new features for its Spaces audio chatrooms, Engadget reports.

In the initial days of the Twitter Spaces release, it could become a great attraction for the social media platform, and even some industry watchers said it could replace Clubhouse. However, the initial excitement around Spaces has settled after less than two years, and the feature isn’t as shiny as the first days. But Twitter doesn’t want to leave it alone. The company has confirmed to TechCrunch that it is working on themed stations and daily digests for Spaces.

The early screenshot released from the app showed that Spaces gets a new interface and a bunch of new features. However, Twitter said those screenshots were outdated and didn’t reflect the final product. Spaces currently has a discovery feature called topic tags that allows users to find relevant chat rooms faster. Both themed stations and daily digests seem to be aligned with topic tags.


According to TechCrunch, themed stations can organize chatrooms into different topics like music or sports. Also, daily digests show a selection of programs that you can start playing with a simple tap.

Twitter adds themed stations and daily digests to Spaces

The current Spaces interface clearly needs a revamp, and the topics need to be more diverse. The new features will help users to find or start chatrooms with topics other than business or cryptocurrencies.

Twitter has been conservative about the number of its users using Spaces every month. But the internal data obtained by The Washington Post last year showed that Spaces is not as popular as it seems. As per the report, under 1 million users in July 2021 were using the feature. Twitter strives to stoke interest in its audio chatrooms by adding new features and revamping the interface. However, there is no guarantee that users would find the new version attractive.


Clubhouse, which was the leader of audio chats, is not laying off its staff and changing its strategy. Other companies like Meta, Telegram, and Spotify also brought Clubhouse-like audio chat features to their platforms. Still, there is no data to show their users’ interest in audio chats.