Be Prepared To Pay More For New Samsung Foldables & Smartwatches

galaxy z fold 4 press render 2

If you’re planning to get upcoming Samsung foldables or smartwatches, be prepared to pay more. We have already come across multiple reports that the new devices will see a price hike over their respective predecessors. Noted industry insider Steve H. McFly, aka OnLeaks, has now shared the European prices of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Watch 5, and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and it confirms what we all feared, that they will cost more than last year’s models.

According to McFly, Samsung will price the Galaxy Z Fold 4 at €1,799 for the 256GB storage variant. That’s unchanged from last year, as the base model of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 debuted with the same price tag. But, if you switch to the 512GB storage option, you’ll need to pay €20 more than last year, up from €1,899 to €1,919.

That may not be a big increase, but it’s an increase at the end of the day. Everyone was hoping Samsung would make its foldables more affordable this year. Unfortunately, rising prices of components mean it couldn’t avoid charging more. Reports are that the company had to reduce its profit margin on the Fold lineup despite the marginal price hike.


When it comes to the new clamshell foldable, prices see a steeper increase. The 128GB Galaxy Z Flip 4 will cost €1,109, up $60 from €1,049 last year. The 256GB storage variant is seeing a hike of $70, from €1,099 to €1,169. Since the Flip series is more affordable than Fold, Samsung is making bigger hikes to maintain a healthy profit.

The new Samsung smartwatches will also cost more

Even the Galaxy Watch 5 series will seemingly cost more than the Galaxy Watch 4. The new Samsung smartwatches will reportedly start at €299 for the 40mm model without 4G. The Galaxy Watch 4 base model was priced at €269. If you want cellular connectivity, you will need to pay €349 for the new watch. The two connectivity variants of the 44mm Galaxy Watch 5 will set you back by €329 and €379, respectively.

Samsung also has a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro on offering this year. The 4G-less variant of it will cost €469 while the company will charge you €499 for the watch with 4G connectivity. That’s pretty expensive for a Samsung smartwatch.


We have yet to come across the US prices for Samsung’s new foldables and smartwatches. But it should be safe to assume that devices here will also see a marginal hike across the board. The Korean firm launches the new Galaxy products next week, on August 10. There may be more leaks until then, though. So stay tuned.