It Looks Like TikTok Wants To Be The Next DALL-E

TikTok ai images

We all know that TikTok wants to grab a slice of every media company’s revenue pie. It’s already getting on YouTube’s and Instagram’s nerves, and DALL-E could be next. Yes, TikTok now has its own tool to for converting text to images.

Right now, TikTok is enjoying a position of power in the video-sharing and social media market. It’s been eating into YouTube’s, Instagram’s, and Snapchat’s users, and the company does not want to stop stepping on toes. We also got the news that the company is looking to create a music streaming platform; brace for impact, Spotify!

Now, TikTok has its own AI tool to convert text to images

According to The Verge, the ByteDance-owned company has a plethora of tools and effects that people use to make their content. The company just unveiled a new tool that will use AI to convert a short phrase into an actual image. This is basically what DALL-E does, but TikTok’s implementation is far behind (lightyears, in fact).


When you enter the short phrase, the app will take about 10 seconds to deliver a final image. The image you’re presented with is extremely abstract and resembles a painting. It’s not like that of DALL-E or Google’s Imagen which delivers images that look either realistic images or CGI renders.

That being said, we’re not sure if TikTok is going for realism. The images produced look like pieces of abstract art that only hint at what you’re typing in. Here are a few examples of what I created below.

TikTok AI images 2While the platform is not going for realism, the fact that it was able to create an approximation of AI-generated images is really impressive. It’d make sense for the company to further upgrade the technology and be able to deliver more convincing images in the future.


How to use this tool

First, you’ll want to make sure that your TikTok app is fully up-to-date. After that, open up the app and press the create button. There, press the Effects button on the bottom left. There, you’ll see an effect with the text “AI” in it.

When you press it, you’ll see a text box where you can type in the simple phrase. You’ll want to keep the phrase short and simple for the best result. Also, you’ll want to use more general terms like animals, objects, and celebrities for example. From there, the app will create the image and you can add it to your story.