New Social App Happin Is A Safe Place To Make Real Life Connections At Local Events

Happin 1

After two years of restrictions and cancellations, 2022 is set to be the year that festivals and events roar back into our lives.

And when they do, you’ll want Happin in your corner – it’s an events app with a difference. Not only does it let you discover and attend shindigs all over the country, but it puts you in touch with your fellow partygoers.

As Happin CEO Alex Li explains, “Happin reverses the social media paradigm – it’s a platform that is more of a ‘to do’ app rather than ‘status’ app.”


Here’s how it works, from beginning to end. It all starts the moment you realise that you’re jonesing for an event. Through Happin’s simple interface you can find out exactly what’s going down and where.

Lollapalooza, Coachella, Burning Man, SXSW, Stagecoach Festival, EDC, and a ton of other major events are represented, so you’re bound to find something that appeals.

Before you know it, your tickets are booked. It’s at this point that Happin really comes into its own. As soon as you’ve confirmed your attendance at an event, you can view the profiles of the other attendees and make friend requests.


Don’t worry. You’ve got total control over who can see your profile. The privacy parameters that you can set include age and gender, while you can also let prospective friends exactly what you’re looking for at the event: friendship, a relationship, or nothing at all. There are ID and photo verification stages to make sure everyone using the app is who they claim to be too.

Naturally, Happin also lets you connect with your friends over chat, with three types of chat available.

Group Chat allows you to either create or join a window, Private Squad gives you a space to chat with a specific group of friends, and Event Chat gives you a window that expires two days after the event is over, in deference to the most sacred law of the festival community.


What happens at Burning Man stays at Burning Man.

To check it out for yourself, download Happin for free on the App Store or Google Play.