SCUF Is Doing Another Esports Collab For Its PS5 Controllers

SCUF Quadrant PS5 Controller

SCUF today has announced that it’s doing another Esports collaboration for its PS5 and Xbox Series X|S controllers, this time with Quadrant. The SCUF Quadrant PS5 controller collaboration is the latest set of new designs. Following SCUF’s previous collaborations with a number of other Esports teams and content creators in the past few months.

This includes the Call Of Duty League, the Boston Breach, OpTic Texas, and many more. In terms of content creators, SCUF has partnered with both SkyRRoz and JoeWo. Keep in mind this is in addition to all the standard options it already had available. Such as solid colors and a number of its own designs.

The SCUF Quadrant collaboration isn’t just for the PS5 controller

Like its previous Esports designs, SCUF’s latest with Quadrant isn’t actually for the PS5 Reflex controller alone. You can also find the design available for the Instinct Pro Xbox controller, as well as Infinity 4PS Pro, and the Impact controllers. That’s nearly all the controllers that SCUF sells. The only one that doesn’t have the Quadrant design is the regular Instinct controller. Which is the model that doesn’t have the instant triggers.


For the most part though, no matter which one is your preferred controller, you can represent your favorite Esports team. If that team happens to be Quadrant. Each controller in the Quadrant design is relatively close to the normal prices, though they are a bit more.

The least expensive option is the Infinity 4PS Pro which starts at $169.99. The cost can go up from there depending on which additional options you add in the configurator. Next up is the Impact controller which starts at $179.99. This cost can also go up if you add more customizable options.

Both the Instinct Pro and Reflex controllers lack the customize option, with prices set at $229.99 and $239.99 respectively. All of the Quadrant controllers are on sale from today and picked up directly from SCUF’s online store. If you don’t care much for the designs, you can pick up the regular SCUF Instinct Pro in Steel Gray from Amazon, alongside various colored faceplates for it.


SCUF Instinct Pro