Ring Is Upgrading Your Apartment Intercom With This New Product

Ring Intercom 3

For most of Ring’s products, you couldn’t really take advantage of them without owning or at least living in a home. There was a Peephole Cam that Ring announced a few years ago and is now discontinued. But now, Ring is announcing a Intercom. This is aimed at replacing the intercom that most apartments have (and likely barely works).

It’s a WiFi-connected, DIY addition to compatible audio intercom systems. It’s able to upgrade audio intercom functionality to give apartment dwellers the freedom to speak to anyone that hits their buzzer. And also provide remote access to the building.

Basically, taking the functionality of the Ring Video Doorbell, into the apartment intercom. Allowing you to unlock the door remotely with the Ring app, and share access with other users. Only thing missing here is an actual camera to see what’s happening.


What kind of access features does Ring Intercom provide?

There’s a few features here that Ring Intercom is able to provide. That includes Remote Unlock, so you can remotely unlock the door from your smartphone. Even when you are not at home.

There’s also a Shared User feature, so you can share access to Ring Intercom for other members of your household. All done through the Ring App.

Perhaps the most important feature is the ability to auto-verify for Amazon deliveries. Basically, customers are able to let verified drivers deliver Amazon packages inside their building during a specific time interval. That will leave the delivery in a safe, pre-determined place, even if you aren’t at home.


Finally, there’s one more feature that is coming soon, and that’s Auto-Verified Guests. This feature will allow customers to allocate virtual keys to regular visitors like family members, so they don’t have to wait outside.

How much will this cost?

Ring Intercom will first be available in the UK and other parts of Europe, and will cost £179.99. It will ship with the Ring Quick-Release Battery Charging Station and a spare Quick-Release Battery Pack. 

For those of us in the US, Ring plans to introduce this here next year.


Ring also has an intercom compatibility checker on their website.