The OnePlus Nord 3 Is Coming… And With A Bunch Of Peripherals!

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OnePlus is making a name for itself in the mid-range device market, and that name is Nord. We’re all getting ready for the Nord 3 line of devices to come from the company, and that includes a bunch of accessories. We got word of a bunch of different peripherals that will come with the Nord 3 phones.

Details on the new Nord phones are pretty scarce at this point. We can expect the usual upgrades like a newer processor and a refined design. However, we can also expect specs like the display resolution and technology to remain largely unchanged. The OnePlus Nord 3 will be close to a premium mid-ranger, delivering a good experience at a reduced price.

But enough about the Nord 3, let’s talk about the accessories

Mukul Sharma posted a tweet detailing a list of accessories that are expected to come with this upcoming phone. The list is impressive, and it lets us know that the company is really focusing on boosting its Nord line of products.


According to the tweet, the Nord 3 will come with a smartwatch, a fitness band, a pair of Nord Buds, a smart measuring scale, and more. We already got word on an upcoming Nord smartwatch not too long ago, so this is further confirmation. As for the band, this will be for people who are more health-conscious.

The list also referenced some new Nord Buds coming, and they could be a compliment to the Nord Earphones that the company launched not too long ago. These will be more premium, however.

Lastly, one kicker is the smart measuring scale. It sounds like one of the connected scales that speaks your weight and keeps track of it as time passes. Basically, if a person is looking after their health, they can get the smart scale, the fitness band, and a pair of buds for their workout.


The tweet also says “and more”, at the end, so there are even more peripherals that we should look forward to as well. We should get more information on these accessories as we get closer to the official launch of the Nord 3.