OnePlus 10T Pre-Orders Open Today, Here's The Networks It'll Work On

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Despite being announced more than a month ago, the OnePlus 10T is up for pre-orders starting today, with open sales starting on September 29. But that’s news that we already knew, what we didn’t know is what carriers it’ll work on.

OnePlus is announcing today that the 10T will work on Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile in the US, and get full 4G and 5G coverage on all of them. In Canada, things are a bit different. Getting 4G and 5G on Bell and Telus, with 4G only Freedom and Rogers.

This is the first time that a OnePlus phone has been certified to work on AT&T, so that’s a pretty big deal. Now that does not mean you’ll get things like WiFi Calling, VoLTE and HD Voice. Like you would get on a phone that AT&T actually sells. And the same goes for Verizon. But on T-Mobile, it will have all of that, since T-Mobile is once again the exclusive carrier for the OnePlus 10T.


So the wait is almost over for the OnePlus 10T, just a few more weeks until you can get your hands on the device. While you’re waiting, you can read our review here.

When can I pre-order the OnePlus 10T?

As we mentioned already, pre-orders for the OnePlus 10T will open today and will be available OnePlus’ website. It’ll be available in two storage and RAM configurations. That’s 8GB and 128GB for $649 and 16GB and 256GB for $749. OnePlus is also noting that those that purchase the cheaper model will get a free protective case or the 80W car charger. And those that pre-order after September 8 will get the same protective case or 80W car charger with the 16GB/256GB model.

Amazon and Best Buy are doing pre-orders, where you can get the 16GB/256GB model for the same price as the 8GB/128GB model. Which sounds very similar to what Samsung has been doing with their new phones lately.


On September 29, when open sales begins, you’ll be able to pick up the OnePlus 10T from OnePlus.com, Amazon, Best Buy and T-Mobile.