Netflix's Ad-Supported Tier Will Skip Ads On Some Content

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We all know about the upcoming ad-supported plan for Netflix. While it’s going to show ads on the content in order to compensate for the lower price, there could be some good news. According to Bloomberg (via Phone Arena), Netflix’s ad-supported tier might skip ads for certain content.

We’re starting to get some more details about this new ad tier that Netflix is going to launch. Recently, we got word that the full catalog of content won’t be available on the cheaper plan. This is because Netflix needs to renew the licenses it made with studios.

When Netflix licensed the content, it was under the agreement that it won’t be shown with advertisements. However, if the studio or company does not agree to renew the license, then Netflix can not show it with ads.


Netflix’s ad-supported tier might skip ads for certain content

People are dreading seeing ads on their favorite Netflix content, but some of the movies and shows will be excused, it seems. According to the sources, when Netflix original movies and shows first arrive on the platform, they will show without any ads. We don’t know how long they’ll be ad-free after they land, however.

Also, Netflix might not show ads on certain content aimed at kids. Showing ads to children has been a major issue with several companies including YouTube. There’s no telling what kind of content the kids will see in the ads. Also, not many toddlers have credit cards to buy the products the companies are peddling.

Thus, some of the kid content on Netflix might not feature ads. Again, we’re in the dark about which shows will come sans ads. Most likely, it will be content that’s targeted at kids below a certain age range.


There are still plenty of details don’t know about this new ad-supported plan, but more information will seep in as time goes on.