LG TV Owners Can Get 90 Days Of Stadia Pro For Free

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LG and Google are running a new promo for gamers where you can get 90 days of Stadia Pro for free. That’s typically a subscription that would cost you a total of $30 ($9.99 a month). There are more than a few reasons why this is a good deal and why you (if you have a compatible TV), should take advantage of it.

For one, you’re getting another way to play games. At no cost. It goes without saying that the “no cost” and “free” statements don’t really apply to those who go out and buy an LG TV if you’re only doing so to get this deal. But if you’re already planning on buying an LG TV anyway, or a TV in general, it is something that you don’t have to pay extra for. On top of that, Stadia Pro comes with games you can claim for free every month.

Which means you can play those games at no charge. Keep in mind that you do only have access as long as your Pro subscription is active. But 90 days is more than enough time to complete at least one of those free titles. Lastly, Pro currently offers more than 50 games you can claim at no charge. Chances are there’s one in there you’ll like.


The LG Stadia Promo is only available to new subscribers

LG Stadia Pro Deal

Now for the caveats. While we do wholeheartedly believe this is a good deal, it’s only available to those who are new subscribers. If you’re currently subscribed, then you aren’t eligible for the promotion. It’s also likely that it won’t work for people who have had Stadia Pro subscriptions in the past. Even if there has been quite a bit of time between when you cancelled and now.

Those interested will have until January 31 of 2023 to claim the promotion. And the good news is that the promotion is available anywhere Stadia is available to play. LG also confirms that a rather large list of its newer TVs is compatible with this offer. In fact, most models from 2022, 2021, and 2020 will be compatible.