Here's How Twitter Will Update Embedded Tweets When Edited

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Twitter is taking its own sweet time to roll out the edit button. Announced earlier this year, the company has yet to begin public testing of the highly-requested feature. But thanks to well-known app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, we now know how Twitter will handle embedded edited tweets.

According to Wong’s findings, Twitter will show a “last edited” timestamp when an edited tweet is embedded on a website. It will appear under the tweet text. Users will likely be able to see more information about the edit, possibly the original tweet too, by clicking on the timestamp.

However, if a tweet has been edited after it was embedded, the new version will not appear on the website. Instead, Twitter will tell you that a new version of the tweet is available. Once again, the indicator will appear below the tweet text and will likely redirect users to the updated tweet on the app. You can see an example of these two scenarios in Wong’s tweet embedded below (via The Verge).


It’s worth mentioning here that the edit functionality on Twitter is still in the development stage. So these implementations could change as the company deems fit. It may uncover more suitable ways of handling embedded edited tweets as the development proceeds. We will keep you posted with all the latest information about Twitter’s edit feature.

Twitter will reserve the edit button for Blue subscribers

Twitter users have been asking for the ability to edit tweets for several years. But the company avoided it for the longest before finally giving in earlier this year. It appears the social network wanted to lock this feature behind a paywall. That’s because the edit button will be exclusive to Twitter Blue subscribers when it rolls out.


For the uninitiated, Twitter Blue is a subscription service that offers additional features such as custom app icons and themes, a customizable navigation bar, a bookmark folder, support for longer videos, and more. The ability to edit tweets will be the most standout feature once it arrives. Hopefully, the latter will also come to the free version of Twitter down the line.

Originally $2.99 a month, the company recently increased the monthly subscription cost of Twitter Blue to $4.99. The new price will be effective for existing subscribers this October. Maybe the edit button will also roll out around the same time, at least in public testing. We shall see.