Super App: How Spike Is Building the Leading Collaboration Platform

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It was not that long ago when the ‘replyallpocalypse‘ was the office worker’s most significant virtual irritant. It was the pre-pandemic workplace’s bane of productivity, generating an email storm that could bring entire organizations to a halt. Back then, office communication was excessively dependent on email, a crude and relatively unevolved electronic communication tool.

Then came the pandemic and a rise in innovative, remote work tools. Using instant cloud-based communication and collaboration tools led to a drop in the innocuous emails that no one wants in their inbox.

Gartner data shows that over 80% of workers now use collaboration tools as part of their office and remote team framework. In addition, most organizations combine a slew of team productivity, collaboration, and cloud-based personal tools, to create hybrid new work hubs that cater to remote and office work needs.


While collaboration tools such as video calling, sharing, and mobile instant messaging have significantly enhanced team collaboration, they have introduced new challenges to workplace productivity. Organizations are cramming tons of collaboration into a day, creating collaboration and app use overload.

According to the Harvard Business Review, video calls, email, phones, and instant messaging consume about 85% of most office workers’ work week. As a result, people have adopted an “always-on” culture and a sinister companion disorder, defined as the “staccato pulses of 2-minute activities” by The New York Times.

Spike’s Unified Collaboration and Communication Tools Platform

According to cognitive psychologists, people who respond to texts during work need a 64-second recovery time to help them get back on track. Longer interruptions due to technologically demanding collaborative apps impose a 23 minutes recovery time, increasing stress and time pressure at work.


The average worker toggles between 5 apps in a typical work day to meet remote work collaboration needs. You, for instance, need a communication tool such as Zoom, collaboration tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams, and file storage and management tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox to stay relevant in the new normal.

You also have to switch between these apps while shifting between your Office, email, notes, to-do list, and calendar apps. Apps like Notion, which combines note-taking and project management tools under one roof, can lower app overload. But most workers want one unified platform that integrates all communications and collaboration under one roof.

That super app is Spike. Spike creates a better and more efficient workflow that will make app overload a thing of the past. It is a collaborative email platform that creates a smooth workflow that will keep you productive and lower chaos at and off work.


Spike efficiently connects teams of all sizes, helping them collaborate effortlessly to accomplish more. Some of Spike’s potent collaborative tools include its conversational email, video meetings, priority email inbox, and group features.

On top of that, Spike offers voice messaging, file management, calendar, super searches, tasks, and voice message tools. It is an awesome app that provides all the popular collaboration functions and tools on one platform eliminating the constant need to switch between multiple apps and consequent recovery time.


Spike’s unified team collaboration platforms create a better and more efficient workflow that will make app overload a thing of the past. Eliminate the chaos multiple app use generates and bring your teams together while enhancing their productivity via the Spike platform.