Here's When You'll Be Able To Buy The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Colors

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 smartwatch was officially revealed today, so naturally, many consumers are likely wondering when they can buy one. The good news is, you won’t have much of a wait. Whether this will be your first smartwatch or you’re simply due for an upgrade. Much like Samsung’s newly announced phones and earbuds, you can buy the Galaxy Watch 5 on August 26.

On this date, consumers can pick up the watch from Samsung directly or from a number of retail partners. You should also be able to pick it up in-store at some retailers. Though, not necessarily on the same date. While any retailers that plan to carry the Galaxy Watch 5 should have the watches in-stock on August 26, it’s still worth clarifying with any retailer you plan to visit for an in-person purchase.

You can buy the Galaxy Watch 5 in Bluetooth or LTE models

As noted in the announcement, you’ll be able to buy the Galaxy Watch 5 in either a Bluetooth or LTE model. The Bluetooth model will cost $279.99 while the LTE model will cost $329.99. If you typically keep your phone on you while wearing a smartwatch, go for the Bluetooth model.


Those wanting to leave their phone at home during outings however, should go for the LTE model. Since you’ll be able to keep the watch connected and use its data and voice features without your phone on your person.

The Galaxy Watch 5 will be available globally and come in four different color options. Pink Gold, Graphite, Silver, and Sapphire. It also comes in two different sizes. 40mm and 44mm. Which is important to note since two of the available colors only come in one size.

Pink Gold will only be available in the 40mm versions while the Sapphire color will only be available in the 44mm version. Unfortunately, Samsung will not offer either of these colors in the other size. Both Graphite and Silver however, will be available in both. Keep this in mind when going to buy the watch.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 5