Google TV Storage Is About To Get Much Easier To Manage

Google TV Chromecast 2 AM AH 5

Google is announcing some updates to the Google TV platform today, mostly focused on performance and storage.

Google knows that storage is an issue on Google TV products, many only offering 8GB or 16GB of storage, while our phones have nearly 10x that much space. So Google is making it easier to manage this storage, with a new “Free up storage” menu in the Settings app. This will allow you to clear your cache and uninstall apps that you don’t use anymore. Allowing you to maximize the amount of storage you do have on your device.

The company has also made some under-the-hood changes to how Google TV handles app installations, that way fewer users will see storage-related errors when installing a new app. There is also a new automated process that runs in the background to free up space on your device.


Google TV is getting faster

Through CPU optimizations and improvements to cache management, Google has reduced the time it takes for the Google TV home screen to load at startup. That way you can start browsing shows and movies faster on your TV. This has already started to roll out to Android TV devices.

Google has also optimized the For You tab experience on Google TV. With improved navigation, so that scrolling within a tab and switching between tabs is more responsive. Now, the Live tab loads much quicker, and you’ll see less of the loading animation when you switch between tabs. Finally, Google TV uses less RAM now, so you should have a much better experience with Google TV on whatever device you’re using.

These updates are extremely good news for Google TV users. As Google TV products typically have very little storage and processing power. So optimizing what hardware is already out in the wild is a good thing.