Google Shows You How To Squeeze Most Battery Juice Out Of Your Pixel

Google Pixel improve battery life

Google has published a new video in which it shows you how to squeeze most battery juice out of your Pixel. The video is titled ‘Get the most from your battery life’, and it has a duration of almost two minutes.

Google shows you how you can improve your battery life on a Pixel phone

This is a regular how-to video, basically, which shows you how to enable Adaptive Battery, Battery Saver, and Extreme Battery Saver. That’s basically it. Along the way, it does explain those modes briefly.

An Adaptive Battery mode is something you should have on all the time, basically. Your phone will learn your usage patterns, and keep your apps in check, to minimize battery consumption. This feature has been around for quite some time.


Battery Saver, on the other hand, turns on your phone’s dark theme, to help preserve the battery. It also limits or turns off background activity, some visual effects, certain features, and some network connections.

Extreme Battery Saver is a lot more aggressive, though. It will pause most apps and notifications. You can select some essential apps that will keep on running in that mode, though.

Battery Saver & Extreme Battery Saver are not meant to run at all times

Unlike Adaptive Battery, you should enable Battery Saver and Extreme Battery Saver only when it’s really critical for you to preserve battery, and slow down battery drain. Those two modes won’t allow your phone to function to its full capability.


There are a number of other, manual ways you can preserve battery, of course. You can fine-tune your phone in a number of ways to do it, ranging from limiting some apps manually, to changing the display resolution/refresh rate, presuming your phone allows you to do that.

Battery Saver and Extreme Battery Saver are the fastest ways to preserve battery juice, though. Those are one-tap solutions that can come real handy.

If you’d like to check out Google’s video, it is embedded down below.