Pixel 7 Series Set To Offer "Higher Quality" Bluetooth Audio

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According to a new report, the Pixel 7 series, including the Pixel 7a, may offer “higher quality” Bluetooth audio. What exactly is happening? Well, those devices may end up supporting Bluetooth LE Audio.

Android 13 brought Bluetooth LE Audio support along with it. That is a new standard that brings a number of improvements to the table. Of course, though, it will take some time for Android to fully support it.

The Pixel 7 & 7a devices could offer “higher quality” Bluetooth audio

Before getting further into Bluetooth LE Audio, what makes us think it’s coming to those three phones? Well, a discussion between Googlers, as 9to5Google spotted. One of them asked whether a particular XML file, which is used to lay out all the many supported Bluetooth LE Audio codec settings, is being used by Android (as shown below).


Pixel 7 Bluetooth LE Audio coming

He got a response to that, as another Googler offered links to where the Pixel 7 series and Pixel 7a add their Bluetooth LE Audio settings. The Googler did not specifically mention them by name, though. He referred to them as “p22/p23a”.

The “p22” stands for phones releasing in the fall of 2022, which are the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. The “p23a” for A series phone(s) coming next year, so presumably the Pixel 7a.


Now, this is the only hint Bluetooth LE Audio is coming to those devices. The Pixel 7, 7 Pro, and 7a code is not yet available, of course, so we cannot confirm anything.

What benefits will Bluetooth LE Audio bring to the table?

What benefits will Bluetooth LE Audio bring? Well, it’s supposed to make the next generation of truly wireless earbuds more efficient. How? Your phone will be able to simultaneously send audio to both earbuds.

‘Auracast’ is also worth noting, as it’s expected to allow multiple receivers (such as speakers, headphones, and so on) to play the same audio from a single sender. Further battery-efficiency improvements are also a part of the package.


Bluetooth LE Audio also brings forth LC3 audio codec. That code compresses audio more efficiently than Bluetooth Classic audio options. It can be configured to use more or less data, and adjust on-the-fly to improve long-distance connections or interference.

All in all, the addition of Bluetooth LE Audio is welcomed, and let’s hope it will be a part of the upcoming Pixel devices.