Google Meet Might Let You Play Games And Music During Meetings

Google Meet Logo AH

We know Google Meet as this video-chat platform that several businesses use to host meetings. While there are a few fun backgrounds and effects you can use on the platform, it’s still primarily business-forward. But, Google might make Meet more fun by letting you live-share apps like YouTube, Kahoot!, and UNO right in the call.

Right now, Google is in the middle of a little transition. It’s taking its previous video chat platform Google Duo and phasing it out. Google Meet is going to take its place. Right now, people who use the Google Allo app are seeing it actually change into Google Meet. The app icon on the Play Store and name are being changed to reflect Meet.

Now, Google Meet could let you live-share apps while in a meeting

Now, you’ll want to take this with a grain of salt. This was uncovered through an APK deep-dive by 9To5Google. This means that there’s no guarantee that this feature will come to the platform. The code for it is in the latest version of the application, but it can be yanked out at any moment.


According to the code, it looks like Google could allow for people to live-share certain applications while actively in a call. This means that, when this is initiated, every person in the chat will be taken to the app while in a meeting, and they can interact with it.

There’s a list of six apps that could be involved in this feature if it comes out. We have YouTube, Spotify, Kahoot!, UNO!, GQueues, and Heads Up! Kahoot! lets you design quizzes for other people to answer, Heads UP! is a charades game, and GQueues is a team task manager. GQueues is the only business-oriented application in the bunch, it seems.

The question is: How will this work?

We’re still in the dark about how this will work, exactly. These applications aren’t implemented into Google Meet. Instead, Meet will take you to the applications independently but keeping the call together.


So, all of the users will be in their own apps. We’re all wondering how Google Meet will synchronize the apps to all work together. It seems more likely that YouTube will have some integration because it’s owned by Google. However, for the other applications, it’s a head-scratcher. We will have to wait for more developments on this to get more answers.