Google Now Lets Businesses Identify As Asian-Owned

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Google is adding a new way for businesses to identify when they appear in search results. According to a blog post, business owners can now identify their business as Asian-owned in the Google search results.

When you add your business to Google, you have the ability to identify in different ways. You can say that your business is Black-owned, Woman-owned, Latino-owned, LGBTQ-owned, and Veteran-owned. This helps give searchers an idea of who’s running the business.

This is good because many people often search for businesses based on who owns it. That kind of good energy helps smaller businesses flourish.


Now, Google lets your business identify as Asian-owned

When you search for a business using the basic Google search or via Maps, you’ll be shown a myriad of information about the business. You have information like the website, location, phone number, business hours, and more. You’re also shown a badge if those businesses identify in any special way.

For example, if the business is LGBTQ+-owned, you’ll see a heart made up of different flags in the LGBTQ+ community. Each community gets its own unique badge that sticks out.

Now, if the company is Asian-owned, you’ll see a red, yellow, and orange badge that resembles a flower. Under the badge, you’ll also see the text “Identifies as Asian-owned”.


Asian owned badge

This feature is now available, so if you want your business to identify as an Asian-owned business on Google, you can go and apply that setting.

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Back in 2016, Google was forced to remove Street View from India. The tool was viewed as unsafe when it came to privacy and data protection. However, the country passed the new Geospatial Policy. This gives local entities the ability to collect and use image data from different locations.


Thus, Google partnered with two local companies to help bring Street View back. Google will use the data provided by the companies to flesh out Street View. You can read more here.