Google Might Bring Commute Times Back To At A Glance Widget

Google At a Glance widget image 1

The At a Glance widget on Google Pixel phones is a useful tool to get relevant information at a glance. A while back, Google removed an important feature from the widget, but it might be making a comeback. The commute times function might make a return to the At a Glance widget.

The commute times functionality would let people know about how long it’d take them to get from their house to their work location. The feature would also show which forms of public transportation they should take to save time. When you tap on the widget, it would take you right to the Google Maps app.

For some reason, however, people found that the functionality was stipped away earlier this year. We’re not sure why Google did this.


But, the commute times function might come back to the At A Glance Widget

According to 9To5Google, the commute times function might be making a return to the At a Glance widget. Users are going into their At a Glance settings, and some are finding that the commute times function is back.

Google could be gradually rolling this feature back out to people. The past couple of years of working from home may have led to the company nixing the feature. However, people are starting to return to the office now. Having this information ready is really helpful to people who need to be in their offices.

If you’re looking forward to this feature returning, then you should check every now and then. If you don’t know how to check for it, it’s pretty easy. Hold your finger down on an empty part of your home screen and press the Home settings icon on the little menu that appears.


Press the gear icon next to the At a Glance button. When you tap on this, you’ll see the different functions that you can enable for the widget. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see a button named See more features. 

After that, you’ll be presented with another page. The first option on that page should have the commute option.