Android 13 Might Be Causing High Battery Drain For Pixel 6 Users

Android 13 features AM AH

Android was just recently added to the AOSP which means that the stable version of the software is available to download. Users are already getting it on their phones and checking out the new feature, but there seems to be an issue. Pixel 6 users are reporting unusually high battery drain while using Android 13.

We don’t expect there to be too much difference between Android 12 and Android 13. They’re both pretty similar in form and function. However, there are some new features like the added options for Dynamic Color, the revamped media player, the active app indicator, and more. It’s available for Pixel phones as old as the Pixel 4 today, and it will start making its way to non-Pixel phones over the following months.

Pixel 6 users are reporting battery drain issues on Android 13

Android 13 is really stable on the Pixel phones, but there seems to be an issue with some Pixel 6 users. According to Android Police, many users who have the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are seeing increased battery drain on their phones after getting the update. People are saying that they’re needing to charge their phones throughout the day when they didn’t need to on Android 12.


Since updating to Android 13, my battery life settings are saying there are roughly 12 hrs remaining from a full charge. If I do anything on my phone, this reduces dramatically and the battery drains very quickly. Struggling to get to 15:00 without worrying about having to charge.

That’s one example of a complaint on the Google support forum. There are also examples of people taking to Twitter to share their battery woes.

This only seems to affect those who’re using the Pixel 6 series, as there aren’t any reports regarding the Pixel 4 and Pixel 5 series. At this point, this issue seems big enough that Google should respond to what’s going on and issue and update.


So far, the launch of Android 13 seems to be much better than Android 12’s launch. Android 13 has a few issues that affect wireless charging and RCS, but it’s not as bad as with Android 12. Let’s hope that Google can fix this battery drain issue quickly.