Report Claims An Amazon Acquisition Of EA "Isn't Happening Today"

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According to an early report from USA Today Sports column ‘For The Win‘ Amazon was set to announce its acquisition of EA today. The rumor initially came from GLHF. A content partner of For The Win. However, that report is now being refuted by CNBC. Which claims to have spoken with people who would have insight into a buyout of this nature. CNBC’s David Faber states that he spoke with people who would know if an acquisition like this was going to happen, and those sources are saying that “nothing’s going on.”

Faber also notes that the sources he spoke with were people who were involved during a time of earlier acquisition interest. Earlier this year, a report surfaced stating that EA had been shopping itself around. EA was said to have had talks with multiple companies about the buyout, including Amazon, Apple, and Comcast-NBCUniversal. Nothing ever came of those rumors though, as EA still hasn’t sold.

That leads to this morning early report that Amazon had interest all this time and was planning to move forward with a deal.


Could Amazon announce an acquisition of EA at a later point?

While the latest reports are now claiming the acquisition isn’t happening, there’s a detail worth pointing out. Faber says that an acquisition isn’t happening “today.” This could simply be Faber’s way of saying the acquisition isn’t happening period. And maybe we’re reading too much into it, but just maybe, today actually means today. And isn’t necessarily ruling out the possibility of an announcement at a later date.

At this point there’s no evidence that Amazon was planning to make an announcement. But if it was, or if it has future plans to, this would be a monumental get for Amazon. The online retailer has been making steady moves to embed itself further into the gaming industry. Beginning with its acquisition of Twitch some years ago.

Amazon’s most recent attempts include its partnership with Smilegate RPG to publish insanely popular MMO Lost Ark, and the release of its own in-house MMO New World – which has fallen on hard times of late with regards to the player base. As well as its cloud gaming service Luna that allows you to stream games on multiple devices.