Your Timers from Nest Hub & Assistant Speakers Will Soon Come To 'At A Glance"

at a glance pixel update AH

It appears that the ‘At A Glance’ widget is about to get even more useful. After Google added Nest Doorbell alerts and flashlight reminders last month, it could now be working to bring your timers that you set on a Nest Hub or Nest Audio speakers to that area of your home screen. Making things a whole lot easier to quickly glance at.

9to5Google has torn down the latest version of the Google app, that’s v13.26 and found that there are a few new options coming to the At A Glance widget. There are two new strings that appear, including cross device timer and timer info from your home devices.

What this means is that there will likely be a new toggle in the At A Glance settings for timers and stopwatch. So if you asked Google to set a timer, from your Nest Hub Max, you’ll be able to see it on your Pixel’s home screen. Making these devices work even closer together.


Finally, timers will sync across the platform

One issue that many Android users have, is that timers do not sync across Android and other Google Assistant products. They are still siloed, but this new feature means that might not be the case anymore. Or at least, it won’t be as bad. It’s still unclear if you’ll be able to dismiss the timer from your Pixel’s home screen, or if you’ll still need to head to the device you set the timer on, to dismiss it.

This is a pretty simple feature that both Google and Apple haven’t been able to do. Even on the Apple Watch when you set a timer, you cannot see it on your iPhone. And the same thing with the HomePod and the iPhone. Hopefully this is something that can be taken care of sooner rather than later.