Xiaomi 12S Ultra Teardown Video Shows Us Its Huge 1-Inch Camera Sensor

Xiaomi 12S Ultra teardown 4

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra got announced a couple of days ago, with Sony’s IMX989 camera sensor, the very first 1-inch camera sensor made for phones. That being said, the first Xiaomi 12S Ultra teardown video has appeared on YouTube, showing us that 1-inch camera sensor up close and personal.

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra teardown video shows us the phone’s 1-inch camera sensor

The video comes from WekiHome, and it’s embedded below the article. This video will also show you how much larger this 1-inch camera sensor is compared to the ISOCELL GNV (1/1.3-inch sensor).

Xiaomi 12S Ultra teardown 5


How did Xiaomi manage to include that huge sensor next to two 48-megapixel cameras inside this phone, and have enough room left for a 4,860mAh battery and a motherboard containing the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC?

Well, the company stacked two PCBs to make enough room for all the components. The SoC, RAM, and storage are on the bottom. Xiaomi is using thermal paste, copper sheets, and a custom-designed vapor chamber in order to spread out the heat.

So, as you can see, the company really needed to think this through. It needed to fit everything on the inside, and managed to do that. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra is not a small phone, though, not at all, so that helped things.


That sensor is 11.06mm thick, which explains the huge camera bump on the phone

Do note that the Sony IMX989 sensor is 11.06mm thick, based on the shown measurements. That is one of the reasons the camera bump on this phone is so massive, as we pointed out yesterday.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra teardown 3

Xiaomi not only used the Sony IMX989 camera sensor, but an 8P camera lens provided by Leica. This device really has compelling camera hardware, in every way, basically. The teardown itself has a duration of 14 minutes, and in case you’re interested, check out the video below.


The Xiaomi 12S Ultra comes with truly powerful specs all around, even though the camera setup and SoC do stand out. Xiaomi also used a top-of-the-line display, RAM, storage, and much more. You can read more about the device by clicking here.