Xiaomi 12S Series May Not Launch Globally At All

Xiaomi 12S Ultra image 41

Xiaomi had a lot to say during its event yesterday. It announced three new high-end smartphones, spearheaded by the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, a phone with a 1-inch camera sensor, and Leica’s lenses. Everyone was convinced that the Xiaomi 12S series will get a global launch at some point, but according to some new info, those devices may not launch globally at all.

The Xiaomi 12S series may not launch globally at all, unfortunately

This information comes from Richard Lai from Engadget. He shared a quote from Xiaomi on Twitter. The company said: “Xiaomi will offer Xiaomi 12S Series exclusively in Mainland China”, while adding: “Our Strategic Partnership in Imaging Technology will have long-term impacts beyond the scope of this series, into Xiaomi’s international markets”.

Based on this, not a single phone from the series will make it to global markets, which is immensely disappointing. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra in particular has a beastly camera setup and thus camera prospects.

Xiaomi stuffed a 1-inch camera sensor inside the phone, the Sony IMX989. That is the world’s first 1-inch camera sensor made specifically for smartphones. Leica’s camera tunning is also a part of the offering, as are the company’s lenses, photographic styles, and filters.


Based on what we’ve seen thus far, that camera setup can really take some amazing photos, so it’s really disappointing we won’t see it globally, presuming this information is accurate.

Global consumers may have to wait until Xiaomi 13 arrives for 1-inch camera sensor & Leica combo

This essentially means that global consumers may have to wait until the Xiaomi 13 series to get all those goodies. This is a bit odd, though, as Xiaomi did host the event in China, but the company dubbed it in English, so that everyone can follow along. Perhaps they just wanted everyone to know what they announced, regardless of whether it’s leaving China. Well, that also makes sense, to a degree, as this was a rather important announcement.

In addition to announcing the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, the Xiaomi 12S and 12S Pro were also announced. The Xiaomi Band 7 Pro was also amongst the products the company presented. That fitness tracker also has a lot to offer, and it’s a hybrid between a smart band and a smartwatch.