Twitter Testing Mixing Images And Videos In Posts

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Right now, people are a bit unhappy with Twitter. The price of Twitter Blue is going up, but the company is not adding any more features. However, the company is pressing forward. Twitter is testing the ability for people to add both images and videos to their posts.

When you’re making a new tweet, you can only produce one type of content. You can either post a video, a GIF, or an image. It’s not really the worst thing in the world, but there are times when you want to post all three at the same time. Say, you want to share a video of a family trip and some photos to go along with it.

Twitter could let you add images, videos, and GIFs to your posts

This news comes from a tweet by Carl Schmid. In the tweet, we see a screenshot of a phone displaying a message from Twitter. It says that the company is testing the ability for people to mix and match different types of content in a single post.


The message points to photos, videos, and GIFs, so you’ll be able to add all of those types of files to your tweet. At this point, we don’t know if the application will increase the max number of files you can add. It seems unlikely, but it would be nice. This will eliminate the need for people to have to add multiple tweets to a thread.

This is a good step forward with the company, and we expect this feature to be welcomed among the Twitter community. We’re not sure when this feature will make it to prime-time. It’s being tested among beta testers right now. We’ll need to wait and see if the company decides to keep this feature around.


One thing to note is that there’s no telling if this feature will be available for everyone or if it’s going to be exclusive to Twitter Blue. Only time will tell.