Twitter Had to Lay Off About 100 Employees

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The story of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is an ongoing melodrama, and we’ve been stuck in the third act for some time. Because of this drama, the company had to make some cuts. According to The Wall Street Journal (via Engadget), Twitter had to lay off about 100 of its employees.

Elon Musk has been trying to buy Twitter for some time, and now, things are in a weird place with the deal. It’s been put on hold a few times, and now Elon is at odds with Twitter due to the number of bot accounts on the platform.

Twitter had to lay off about 100 employees

The drama is ongoing, and it’s having an effect on the day-to-day activities at the social media company. Previously, Twitter, as per Elon’s wishes, implemented a partial hiring freeze. This was part of his attempt to cut costs at the company.


Now, it seems that Twitter has finally started letting go of people. The company told The Wall Street Journal that it had to send a good chunk of people home. Twitter had to lay off about 100 people from its recruitment team and other talent acquisition departments.

That accounts for a whopping 30% of its talent acquisition team cut. This means that we can expect a lot fewer people to be hired at the company.

This should come as no surprise as, a while ago, Elon had introduced several ways he intended to cut costs at Twitter. He already sent several top-ranking employees home not too long ago.


It’s been a roller coaster these past couple of months, as this acquisition seems to be waving in the wind. Elon Musk, not too long ago, faced allegations of sexually harassing an employee. This threatened to stop the deal dead in its tracks, but it didn’t.

Now, Elon is battling with Twitter over the number of bot accounts on the platform. This caused Musk to threaten to pull out of the deal. Right now, we’re really uncertain as to the fate of this acquisition. We’ll need to wait for further developments on this drama.