Twitter May Let You Use Timelines From 3rd-Party Sources

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One of the most important parts of the social media experience is the feed that you scroll through. Twitter gives you a selection of curated timelines that you can choose from. Now, it seems that the company wants to give you more options. Twitter might let you use timelines from third-party sources.

You can scroll through timelines based on the most popular posts from your followed accounts. Also, you can choose a chronological time based on when the tweets are posted. You can use whichever one you’re in the mood to use.

But, Twitter might let you use timelines from third-party sources

Whether you’re using the most popular timeline or the chronological one, you’re using a timeline curated by Twitter. However, what if you want another company to feed you your feed? Well, according to the company’s help page (as discovered by Jane Manchun Wong), the company is testing the ability to use third-party timelines.


This feature hasn’t been announced just yet, so it almost seems like the company posted this on accident. However, above the Timeline section, there’s a section that lets you know that it’s in testing.

Basically, when you add on a third-party timeline, you’ll get a curated list of tweets and media that’s put together by companies other than Twitter. This opens things up for other people to decide the best kind of feed you could use. It’s tough to tell what kind of feeds you’ll be able to choose from at this point.

When you add a new customized feed, you’ll be able to easily access it. The new feed will run parallel to your main feed. You’ll be able to quickly switch between your main feed and your third-party feeds.


Now, we don’t know when Twitter will release this feature to the public. It’s in testing right now, so there’s no guarantee that it will come to the public. However, since it’s already on the help page, it’s unlikely that the company will cancel it.

We also can’t rule out this feature being a Twitter Blue exclusive addition when it launches. It seems like the type of feature that would be reserved for the company’s paid subscription. We should be able to know more as this feature nears its official release.