Twitter Might Let You Co-Write Tweets With Other Accounts

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Tweeting has always been a singular affair. You write down your thoughts and post them to your account. But, what if you wanted to collaborate with someone else on your tweets? Well, Twitter is working on a new feature called CoTweets. This feature will actually let you co-write tweets with other accounts.

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise. There are other platforms that like to promote collaborations between their users. TikTok and Instagram let people collaborate on their videos. It’s a way for people to have more fun on the platform and post more videos.

Now, CoTweets may let people co-write tweets

According to The Verge, Twitter has been experimenting with letting more than one person collaborate on a tweet. The publication reported on it back in April. Twitter has since confirmed to The Verge that the feature is now available to a select group of users for testing.


Because of that, a few people have been able to put their heads together and post some collaborative tweets. The below example doesn’t completely reflect the CoTweet, so you’ll need to go to the actual site.

When a person posts a CoTweet, you’ll see the names of both of the users who wrote the tweet separated by an “&”. While this is true, there will still be a main account that will manage the tweet. The main account will, of course, be the one that initiated the tweet.

How do these work?

If you want to write a CoTweet, you’ll need to first invite a second person to be tagged in the tweet. Then, you’ll be able to communicate with them via DMs to discuss what you want the tweet to be about. Then, after you’re done brainstorming, you’ll be able to post the tweet. The other person will need to approve it first, however.


Once you’re finished, your followers will see that you collaborated on the tweet. This seems like it will be a really cool feature for people and brands to promote projects and communicate with their followers on the app.