Pixel Buds Pro Will Bring Automatic Audio Switching

Google Pixel Buds Pro 1

Google unveiled the Pixel Buds Pro during Google I/O back in May, and they’re going to go on sale soon. With these earbuds, Google is giving us an interesting and much-needed feature. The Pixel Buds Pro will come with automatic audio switching.

The Pixel Buds Pro are going to launch at the same time as the Pixel 6a. These bring some useful features over the past Pixel Buds. The Pro model comes with Active Noise Cancelation, Transparency Mode, and wireless charging. Along with those, they’re rated to last up to 31 hours on a single charge (that’s with the charging case).

The Pixel Buds Pro will have automatic audio switching

Google announced this in a new blog post. When you’re listening to your earbuds on a device, and you need to quickly switch to another device, it can be a hassle. But, audio switching could be the solution for that issue.


This feature will allow the earbuds to immediately switch over from one device to another automatically. Say, if you opt to connect them to a tablet or secondary phone, but you get a call on your primary phone. Usually, you’d have to disconnect the earbuds from the first device and connect them to your main device.

With audio switching, your Pixel Bud Pro will automatically connect to your main device for you to take the call. This will make the process of switching so much quicker and easier.

The technology is called Bluetooth Multipoint, and it will basically have the headphones connected to both devices at the same time. You’ll hear the audio from your one device, but it will also have a connection with the other device.


Not only that but Google is also going to make this feature available to select JBL and Sony headphones in the coming weeks.

The Google Pixel Buds Pro will be available to purchase on July 28th for $199.99. You can buy them from retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon. You can also buy them right from the Google Store.