Users Are Reporting Nothing Phone (1) Display Issues

Nothing Phone 1 display issues

It seems like some Nothing Phone (1) units are having display issues. That didn’t take long, as the units started shipping quite recently, following the launch. Quite a few reports surfaced, actually, as the display seems to be glowing green for users, in different ways.

Users have started reporting the Nothing Phone (1) display issues

Let’s take it one report at a time. The first case is with a unit bought in India, from Flipkart. A user purchased a phone, got a defective unit, and sent it back. The other unit he received has the same problem, a green tint, as shown below.

That’s not the only report of such green tint, though. Another user, Harish Jangra, went to Twitter as well, to show his problem. He shared a picture of his phone, with an obvious green tint at the top.



The same goes for a Twitter user ‘IronHrt’, though the green tint in his case is present at the bottom of the display, as shown in the tweet / video below.

Dead pixels are also showing up for users

Those green tint issues are one thing, but that’s not the only problem. Folks over at Beebom, reported that they started seeing dead pixels near the punch hole. They started seeing this within three hours of using the phone. The issue is shown below.


A similar issue is found on a unit from a Twitter user Shubham Saxena, as he shared an image of his issue on Twitter as well.

Android Authority reports that Nothing Support has acknowledged this issue. We still don’t know if this is hardware-related, or if it’s a software issue. If it ends up being hardware-related, this could be a huge problem for Nothing.

That being said, many other devices have had such issues in the past, this is not new. The Galaxy Note 20 and S20 are great examples, while some OnePlus phones were not excluded either. Those are just some examples.