Outlook Lite Will Soon Be Lighter With More Features, No Compromises

Outlook Logo DG AH 2022

Microsoft is working on a new version of its Outlook Lite email client for Android that promises to be better, lighter, and offer fewer compromises on features. That’s based on recent reports following the appearance of a new “Outlook Lite for Android” in Microsoft’s development roadmap.

The exact purpose of the new variant isn’t immediately clear. There is some speculation that it will be a secondary version of the app that’s already available in some regions. Or, conversely, that it will signal the rollout to further regions. That’s while potentially replacing the current version of the app.  The latter seems more likely since the ‘new’ app shares the same name. The app is slated to arrive generally sometime this month.

What’s new in the upcoming Outlook Lite from Microsoft?

Now, Outlook Lite is already a great email client for budget and low-resource devices. In fact, it comes close to matching the features that are found in the full version of the app. And Outlook is easily one of the most popular and best email clients available for Android. And the new “Lite” version does appear to build on the old.


The biggest limitation of the new version of the app is that it only allows a single account to be used. Otherwise, there’s reportedly no meaningful difference between the “Lite” version and the full version. That means it will offer nearly every feature that’s made the full version so popular.

It’s also notably smaller in size. So it should eat up fewer resources in terms of RAM and storage space. Similarly, it should be easier on phones in terms of networking as well. Using up significantly fewer resources in terms of data and bandwidth.

Despite that, the only visual change that’s been noted is a tweak to the bottom bar UI. Namely, the app has been changed to show “Mail,” “Contacts,” and “Calendar” on the bottom navigation bar. The full version of the app showcases a “Search” functionality instead of Contacts.